The results of heating experiments performed in evacuated, sealed, silica-glass tubes indicate that in the FeS--S system two immiscible liquids can co-exist in invariant equilibrium with crystalline pyrrhotite and vapor at 1,092 + or - 3 degrees C. The compositions of the condensed phases at 1,092 + or - 3 degrees C are (weight % Fe): crystalline pyrrhotite --59.2 + or - 0.3; liquid A -- 49.0 + or - 1.1; liquid B [asymp] 0.5. The phase relations at the invariant temperature are of the monotectic type. An equilibrium diagram for the FeS--S system above 700 degrees C is presented.Charges in silica tubes were heated in a pressure vessel at approximately 200 atm pressure of argon or water to prevent the high sulfur pressures of the charges from blowing up the tubes. Narrow brackets on the invariant temperature were obtained with charges covering a range of compositions and specific volumes.

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