A program of geological research in support of mineral exploration efforts is out-lined. Specific goals are stated, approaches to accomplish their attainment are described, and the type of useful results to be expected are outlined.Because mineral exploration or prospecting has intensely practical goals, research in support of it must be applied research, applied to the problem of maintaining or increasing the discovery rate of the exploration effort. To attain research goals, attention to personnel selection, group structure, and program are critically important, and in about that order.A large percentage of the professional personnel should have had experience in mining geology or mineral exploration, and they all should be prospector-oriented. Structuring in the group should be at a minimum, with wide allowance for the kind of independent research which is essential to the nurturing of on-target creativity. The program should be field-oriented, and it should include a wide representation of those subdisciplines of geology that are applicable to mineral exploration.The types of results to be anticipated include improved or new conceptual models for various types of orebodies and their settings from which new ore guides can be derived, new exploration techniques, and the development of a knowledge bank for various aspects of the exploration effort.

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