The temperature range of mineral deposition was as follows--quartz from more than 200 degrees C-125 degrees C, fluorite 200 degrees C-100 degrees C, and barite 130 degrees C-50 degrees C. On the basis of associations with these minerals, the minimum temperature of pyrrhotite deposition was 165 degrees C; the range for galena and sphalerite was 200 degrees C to less than 100 degrees C. Richly mineralized areas were hot spots. Salinity, determined by freezing, was rather uniformly high. Na/K ratios of 6.2-12.4 in the fluorite zone (heart of the ore district) are notably lower than the 29 of sea water. Later-stage barite has ratios of 15.3-46. These compositions and spatial relations suggest that hydrothermal solutions from a deep source, rather than connate waters, deposited the fluorine and base metals.

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