Toluene 3:4 dithiol reacts with molybdenum in hydrochloric acid solutions to form a colloidal complex that is readily extractable into chloroform or carbon tetrachloride to yield a green solution. Soil, rock or sediment samples may be decomposed by digestion with hot 6N hydrochloric acid. About 80 determinations per man-day can be made, and as little as 0.5 parts per million of molybdenum detected visually or photometrically.The method described is specific for molybdenum, rapid, sensitive and inexpensive to use, and is therefore ideal for routine geochemical testing in a mobile or base camp laboratory.Methods are also described for total molybdenum determinations in soil, rock, sediment and vegetation samples in the laboratory. With more elaborate laboratory equipment the sensitivity and accuracy can be improved far beyond the requirements of geochemical prospecting.

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