A new nomogram has been devised with which, by the use of simple procedures, a wide variety of problems in structural and economic geology may be solved, including the apparent inclination of an inclined drill hole projected normally onto a vertical plane, the apparent inclination of a drill hole projected normally onto a dipping plane, the apparent dip of an inclined plane at its intersection with a vertical section, the apparent dip of the intersection on either of 2 intersecting planes, and the standard problems of determining the thickness of, and depth to an inclined strata. The diagram was designed to solve the equations tan X = tan Y cos Z and tan X = tan y sin Z, allowing one to read either the angle, the tangent, or the cotangent of the unknown. All of the above mentioned problems can be solved by performing these 2 operations and combinations of them, and the necessary techniques have been worked out. While the diagram was devised largely for the use of geologists, it could be used in other fields where the same problems in descriptive geometry are encountered.

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