A method has been developed for the extraction and chemical microanalysis of individual fluid inclusions, or groups of inclusions, in the milligram range. Usable quantitative analyses for Na, K, Ca, Mg, Cl, B, and SO 4 have been obtained of mineral samples containing several milligrams of inclusion fluid, and with increased experimental errors, on fractional milligram samples. The steps involved are: 1) concentration of inclusions by sample selection and cutting; 2) electrolytic cleaning; 3) crushing in soft Cu sample tube in vacuo; 4) conversion of emitted water to H and determination of its volume; 5) mass spectrometric determination of the D/H ratio if desired; 6) leaching of the crushed mineral to dissolve soluble salts remaining; 7) microanalysis of the filtrate by sensitive colorimetric and flame photometric methods. The method has been applied to determine the composition of fluid inclusions in mineral samples from several types of deposits, with special attention to a series of samples from Mississippi Valley-type ore deposits.

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