Galenas from the Upper Mississippi Valley district, the Picher field, and the southwestern United States were analyzed for a number of trace elements by emission spectroscopy. Quantitative determinations of Ag, Bi, Cu, and Sb are reported here for most of the 31 samples. The samples varied in crystal habit from simple cubes through mixed forms to octahedrons. The concentrations were found to vary widely from one mineralized area to another; but within a given district, crystals of cubic habit are systematically enriched in Sb compared to those of octahedral habit. No progressive change in either the Ag or the Bi content with crystal habit was observed. Particularly large concentrations of some of the trace elements, however, did occur in some of the deposits in which octahedral faces were especially prominent. Both the trace element content and the crystal habit appear to be symptomatic of other factors involved in the formation of galena. Temperature is probably one of the most important factors; the cubic form seems to predominate at the lowest temperatures.

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