The Lake Albanel Fe range is located 400 mi. N. of Montreal, Quebec. Exploration has been conducted in the area for Fe ore since 1953. Sediments of the Precambrian Mistassini group, which include the Temiscamie Fe-formation, lie unconformably on older granites and on the SE. have been brought into juxtaposition with rocks of the Grenville metamorphic complex along the Mistassini fault (Grenville fault). The Temiscamie Fe-formation has been divided into 6 members: lower argillite, lower sideritic chert, magnetitic chert, upper argillite, magnetitic iron-silicate and upper sideritic chert. These members are described in detail. Ten new chemical analyses of Fe-formation are presented. The structure of much of the Fe-range is simple but increases in complexity near the Mistassini fault. In general the paragenesis of the minerals is simple. Siderite, chert, and hematite formed first along with, or shortly followed by stilpnomelane, minnesotaite, and octahedral magnetite.

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