Experiments on the use of Epoxy resins were carried out because present thermosetting mounting materials and equipment have been inadequate due to the time, temperature, and pressure necessary and the prohibitive costs in changing mold shapes and sizes. Natural rubber cups brushed with a mold release are filled with 100 g. Bakelite ERL2795 Epoxy Resin mixed with 10 g. Hysol Cl hardener. These are placed before a window air conditioner set at its coldest temperature for 6 or 7 hours. For large sizes, polyethylene containers are used and less hardener is added. Identification is retained by using different colored inks. All mounts are ready to grind and polish the day they are poured, It is possible for one man to mount 500 specimens in one day. Shrinkage is at a minimum, adhesion is generally excellent, sample is always visible, and seepage areas are avoided.

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