The Sulfur-32/Sulfur-34 ratios in some 80 samples of hydrothermal, magmatic, and pegmatitic sulfides have been measured. The sulfur isotopic abundances within a deposit appear to be independent of the mineral species (pyrite, marcasite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, pyrrhotite, bornite, realgar, arsenopyrite, chalcocite), crystal habit, and, possibly, temperature and rate of deposition. The S 32 /S 34 ratio does appear related to the source of the sulfur. A high S 32 /S 34 ratio indicates a source initially rich in sedimentary sulfide; a low S 32 /S 34 ratio suggests a source initially high in sulfate. Most sulfides contain a S 32 /S 34 ratio near 22.2, i.e., that of meteoritic sulfur.

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