Spectrographic determination of the germanium content of nine seams in the Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, shows an average of .004 percent in the ash or 5 g/ton in the coal as a whole. Smaller quantities are present in two other seams, the St. Rose and Port Hood.As in several other studies germanium has been found in greatest concentrations in top or bottom petrographic intervals of most seams. Lateral variation is also indicated in three seams sampled over lengths ranging from 2.8 to 26 miles. Some examples of enrichment in intervals close to shale partings are given, but this relation is not constant. In some instances a comparison is made between germanium and organic banded constituents, iron sulfide and zinc content of the coal. Some concentration is noted with vitrain, fusain and clarain. Examples are found also in which high iron sulfides and/or zinc accompany higher germanium content but the relation is not invariable.Determinations on seamlets below or at the base of main seams, and on thin "Rider" seams above, show higher than average concentrations of germanium, and within some of these the percentage varies as in the major seams.The Nova Scotian coals compare well with other Pennsylvanian coals of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky and are somewhat higher in germanium content than those from Pennsylvania.

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