A vital problem facing the free world of today is procuring adequate mineral supplies to meet the demands of an ever expanding economy. Canada's needs are increasing by leaps and bounds, while the United States, with 10 percent of the free world population, uses 50 percent of the free world's minerals. By 1975 the consumption in North America will be twice that of today's with half of the required minerals coming from abroad. A healthy North American economy is prerequisite to the welfare of the free world either in peace or in war; thus, the problem becomes one of efficient yet equitable distribution.Geological science and new techniques alone are not adequate to meet this demand. It is believed that the most important elements for success are in the development of satisfactory human relationships. In the endeavor which lies ahead, attitudes will be more important than techniques and people more important than rocks.A system of education is advocated for all those having to do with mineral procurement abroad to the end that they will realize the importance of building good will and faith in those with whom they deal. Only thus can they establish that right relationship and confidence by which we may be assured of those long-term commitments for minerals which are essential for the demands of our expanding economy, upon which is dependent the welfare of the entire free world.

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