A zinc sulphide deposit, almost unique for the district, is being worked at the Hutson mine in the Southern Illinois-Western Kentucky fluorspar district. A lode-fissure with flanking massive replacement deposits is present. The ore is remarkably high-grade with no fluorspar or galena values and is associated with mica-peridotite dikes.There is evidence that the sphalerite mineralization at the Hutson mine was later than the main calcite-fluorite-sulphide mineralization in the district. Some late sphalerite and galena are found in the major fluorite veins in the district but deposits of late sphalerite only, which are of economic importance, have been exceptionally rare.The Hutson mine offers a key to the structural and mineralogical history of the Illinois-Kentucky fluorspar district. A six-fold sequence of geologic events is indicated and is supported by evidence in other mines of the district.

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