A study of the minor elements in Arkansas bauxite has revealed some striking relationships between their concentration in the parent nepheline syenite rocks as compared with their concentration in the bauxite. The ratios of concentration, in general, follow a pattern predicted by Goldschmidt (3), 2 based upon the ionic radius and ionic charge of each element present. In the Arkansas deposits, Mg, Ca, Ba, La, and Sr were depleted during the change from nepheline syenite to bauxite. The average concentration of Pb remained the same in the samples tested. Y, Mn, Be, V, Sc, Ti, and Zr were concentrated, but not as much as Al; while Mo, Nb (Cb), Ga, Cu, and Cr were concentrated more than Al. Niobium (columbium) apparently is found in sufficient quantities to warrant search for methods to extract it commercially as a by-product of alumina plants.

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