The practice of Mining Geology is essentially an engineering enterprise directed to the discovery, exploration and development of mineral deposits. It was so recognized many years ago and has been pursued as such an activity by numerous geologists for over fifty years. However, the the past and present-day geological fraternity, as a whole, has been loath to recognize the inseparable relationship of mining geology and engineering.The comprehensive exploration and discovery of mineral bodies, which by definition is mining geology, is based equally upon: (a) basic training in the sciences of physics, chemistry, mineralogy, and geology and special knowledge in economic and structural geology; (b) fundamental training in the engineering sciences of mathematics, mechanics, surveying, mining, and mineral dressing.Inasmuch as mining geology is a phase of engineering and has been so described and practiced for many years, the writer recommends that geologists, as a whole, no longer neglect to take action to establish mining geology in its true role as an engineering endeavor.

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