The association of gold mineralization with or in porphyry dikes and bodies in many parts of the Canadian shield has often been considered to be purely structural or genetic only in the sense of derivation from the same magmatic source. Evidence of a much more intimate connection is given from an occurrence of auriferous pyrite as disseminations and in quartz-carbonate veins in albitite porphyry in Bryce township, Ontario. The porphyry is in part a normal dike, in part a replacement of associated schists. Stringers extending into the schists are enclosed by a zone of albitization which resembles the porphyry itself. This, with other examples from the same area, is believed to indicate that replacement and intrusion by albitic material were accompanied by the gold-pyrite mineralization. Comparisons are given with other gold deposits associated with porphyry and albitite dikes in Canada.Auriferous quartz-sulphide mineralization that has been discovered in small altered dioritic bodies in Strathy township is briefly described. The spatial relationships of the veins to these intrusives suggests a rather close genetic connection. Reference is made to comparable gold deposits described in the literature.

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