Samples of pyrite from a number of gold and gold-copper mines were analyzed spectrographically for minor elements.It was found that: (1) Within one mine, one district or even one region, some minor constituents show a very consistent supremacy over other elements; (2) The type of ore deposit or the temperature of deposition has affected the nature of the accessory elements; (3) The nature of the wall-rock has no apparent effect on the distribution of the minor elements in pyrite; (4) Gold in the sulphides has a very erratic distribution. It is considered that most of the elements found in pyrite except gold are part of the pyrite crystal structure.A systematic analysis was made of hundreds of sulphide samples from the Hollinger, Noranda and Siscoe Mines. The samples taken at regular level intervals in the mines showed that: (1) There is a systematic variation with depth in the quantities of minor elements; (2) The type of variation does not agree with the usual zonal precipitation of minerals; (3) The vein type of deposits gives more erratic values for the minor elements than does the massive sulphide type of deposits.

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