A State Mineral Survey project was initiated in Arkansas on January 7, 1938, by the Works Progress Administration under the sponsorship of the Arkansas Geological Survey, and is now continuing.A study is being made of easily identifiable and accessible minerals, and of ground and surface waters. Laboratories have been constructed and equipped to make mineral and water analyses and to prepare and fire clay samples.Approximately 23,074 square miles, or 42 per cent of the area of the state, was surveyed to November 30, 1939. The total cost to all participants up to that date was $623,053. The average cost per square mile surveyed was $27.10.A maximum of 663 persons was simultaneously employed on the project, and 1,229,114 man hours were used to November 30, 1939. The average labor per square mile was 53.2 man hours. At present 376 workers are employed, 35 of which are non-relief and 341 relief.A large amount of valuable data has been collected and is being organized for publication. Results seem to justify the conclusion that untrained personnel can be successfully utilized to gather data on mineral resources and to collect mineral samples, provided the individual tasks are reduced to relatively simple and routine procedures and the supervision is competent. The greatest value of a survey of this character appears to lie in its application to specific sampling and testing programs.

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