The occurrence of klaprotholite, a copper-bismuth sulphide, in the copper ore of Concepcion del Oro, Mexico, and its relation to bornite is described. It occurs as irregularly-rounded blebs; long, slender blades; short, rod-like forms; small euhedral crystals; and as graphic intergrowths, all of which are found within bornite. The mineral is believed to have formed as a result of unmixing from a solid solution.Supergene chalcocite veins and selectively replaces bornite. Klaprotholite, however, has resisted replacement to a marked degree.In view of the rarity of klaprotholite, the material from Concepcion del Oro is of interest because of the variety of forms it assumes, its paragenetic relation to bornite, and the manner in which it illustrates selective replacement of bornite by chalcocite.

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