Several new ideas are presented which result not only in a quicker and simpler drawing procedure but also make possible the construction of exact, measured-to-scale perspective block diagrams instead of idealized pictures, as they now largely are. The trigonometric method is proposed, the use of which permits the entire drawing to be made in one plane--the perspective plane--hence, a simplified drawing procedure. It also permits the plotting of the several vanishing points as exact distances measured along the horizon from the center of vision instead of being points located by the intersection of two or more lines. The distances are found by means of one simple trigonometric formula. In diagrams drawn in angular perspective, two additional vanishing points, termed triangle points, are used.It is suggested that all perspective block diagrams be accompanied by the following data: (1) the coordinates of the position of the observer's eye, (2) in angular perspective, the angle made by one of the receding edges of the block with the perspective plane, and (3) the dimensions of the block.

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