In addition to the members of the Editorial Board, the following were kind enough to serve, during 2019, as reviewers of manuscripts submitted to Economic Geology for publication.

Pedro Acosta-Góngora

Nikolay Akinfiev

John Aleinikoff

Rodney Allen

Alexey Ariskin

James Austin

Timothy Baker

Sarah-Jane Barnes

Stephen Barnes

Eleanor Berryman

Peter Betts

Thomas Bissig

Nigel Blamey

Lauren Blignaut

D. Scott Bohle

Maria Boni

Laura Bracciali

Jean-Jacques Braun

David Broughton

Kevin Byrne

Andrew Calvert

Eduardo Campos

Federico Cernuschi

Isabelle Chambefort

Cyril Chelle-Michou

Huayong Chen

David Chew

Flavien Choulet

Cristiana Ciobanu

David Cooke

Stephen Cox

Robert Creaser

Susan Cumberland

Michael D’Angelo

Tom Darrah


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