In addition to the members of the Editorial Board, the following were kind enough to serve, during 2008, as reviewers of manuscripts submitted to Economic Geology for publication.

Cam Allen

Nick Arndt

Robert Ayuso

Timothy Baker

Christian Ballhaus

Stephen Barnes

Robert J. Bodnar

Christopher Brough

David Burrows

Eion Cameron

Andy Campbell

William Cannon

Jean Cline

David Cooke

David Craw

Artur Deditius

Keith Dewing

John H. Dilles

Bruce Eglington

Pasi Eilu

Mostafa Fayek

Marco Fiorentini

Ian Fletcher

Zhou Mei Fu

Chris Gammons

Bruce Gemmell

Sarah Gleeson

Sarah Gleeson

Richard Goldfarb

Jens Go╠łtze

Lee Groat

Jens Gutzmer

Craig Hart

Keiko Hattori


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