Guidebook for the Field Excursions in the Far East of Russia: September 1–20, 2004. 176 Pp. 2004. Vladivostok, Dalnauka. IAGOD Guidebook series, no. 11. 122 figs., 29 tables. Price UK£50. ISBN 5-8044-0464-4.

Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest: Tectonics, Magmatism and Metallogeny of Active Continental Margins. Proceedings of the Interim IAGOD Conference, Vladivostok, Russia: September 1–20, 2004. A. I. Khanchuk, G. A. Gonevchuk, A. N. Mitrokhin, L. F. Simanenko, N. J. Cook, and R. Seltmann, Editors. 719 Pp. 2004. Vladivostok, Dalnauka. Price UK£40. ISBN 5-8044-0470-9.

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