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Research in the past two decades on epithermal gold and silver deposits has led to the recognition of three principal varieties—volcanic-rock-related adularia-sericite(illite) type, alunite-kaolinite ± pyrophyllite type, and sedimentary-rock-hosted Carlin-type deposits. A review of the salient characteristics of each variety and the state of our understanding about the genesis is best accomplished through well-studied examples. Creede, Colorado, Bodie, California (adularia-sericite(illite) types), and Summitville, Colorado (alunite-kaolinite ± pyrophyllite type), illustrate the tectonic setting, alteration and mineralization, and environment of ore deposition of volcanic-rock-related systems. Carlin, Getchell, and Jerritt Canyon, Nevada, serve as good examples of the same characteristics in sedimentary-rock-hosted...

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