––This paper describes the results of studying inclusions and determining the U–Pb age in zircon from the diamondiferous garnet–pyroxene rock of the Kumdy-Kol metamorphogenic diamond deposit, located in the Kokchetav subduction-collision zone. The distribution of rare earth elements in garnet and clinopyroxene is used as a basis for estimating the equilibrium pressure (5.5 ± 0.3 GPa) and temperature (993 ± 24 °C), which correspond to the diamond stability field. The composition of mineral inclusions in zircon indicates its formation at both the progressive and the regressive stage of metamorphism. The concordia diagram shows that the figurative points of zircon lie on a discordia with an upper intersection at 1953 ± 139 Ma and a lower intersection at 512 ± 4 Ma. The main peak on the graph of the probability density distribution of zircon ages corresponds to an age of 519 Ma. The presence of grossular–almandine garnet inclusions in zircon confirms the previous assumption that the basement rocks of the Kokchetav massif act as protoliths of garnet–pyroxene rocks.

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