—The work considered an integrated approach to the study of deep-lying Riphean strata of the Buolkalakh–Lena region, which have certain prospects in terms of oil and gas potential. The method of revision and synthesis of acoustic and density logs is described in detail using the example of wells drilled in 80–90 for the purpose of correct reference to seismic sections. It has been shown that the Khaipakh, Debengdin, Arymas, Kyutingdinsky, and Sygynakhtakh formations of the Early and Middle Riphean eras overlook the pre-Permian surface in the middle part of the Lena–Anabar trough. The region also developed older Riphean deposits that are not exposed on the Olenek uplift and are not studied by deep drilling. The prospects for the oil and gas content of Riphean strata in the region are mainly associated with carbonate reservoirs formed in the top of the Riphean sequence and cropping out on the pre-Permian erosive surface, the most promising rocks are those constituting large carbonate platforms that were partially eroded and subjected to processes of hypergenesis and karst formation.

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