—New materials on the stratigraphy and structural features of the Bathonian–Neocomian sections of the Anabar–Lena basin are presented. In the territory adjacent to the Taimyr mountain-folded system, a clinoform-like structure of the Upper Jurassic strata has been revealed, which are characterized by high thickness compared to adjacent sections in the east of this region. The lectostratotype of the Chernokhrebetnaya Formation (uppermost Lower Oxfordian–lowermost Volgian) is proposed. The most complete and continuous stratigraphic section is compiled, its litho- and chronostratigraphic correlations are given comparing to the sections of adjacent territories characterized in detail by fossil assamblages. The evidences for a new lithostratigraphic division of the territory are provided, facies zoning of sediments is clarified, a thickness chart of the Upper Bathonian–Boreal Berriasian strata of the Khatanga–Olenek interfluve is proposed.

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