—The way towards the stage subdivision of the Vendian starts with the assemblage of a complete composite geological section of this interval of the Earth’s history, a succession of geological bodies each reflecting a certain ecosystem state. A Vendian composite section of the Siberian Platform, which is a succession of regional to sub-global scale geological bodies reflecting particular states or unidirectional transformations determined by episodic expansion of relatively oxygen-rich environments onto the shelf and alternating with large-scale oceanic anoxia and euxinia events is proposed as a reference for constructing the stage subdivision of the Vendian. The redox instability had to be accompanied by changes in nutrient availability and could not but affect the course of macroevolution and macroecology. The geological record of the Vendian of the Siberian Platform is also marked by episodic increase in alkalinity of the World Ocean. At least five such alkalinity events could be provisionally identified in the composite section of the Vendian of the Siberian Platform. A hypothesis is proposed suggesting that the alkalinity events could control the appearance and disappearance in the geological record of a distinctive suite of sedimentary structures in carbonates, the discrete nature of early diagenetic cementation of aluminosilicoclastic sediments, and fossilization of soft-bodied organisms in the Vendian.

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