––In this paper we present a stratigraphic scheme for the subdivision and correlation of the Cambrian deposits in the south of the cis-Yenisei area of West Siberia, which was adopted as a current scheme by the decision of the Interdepartmental Stratigraphic Committee in 2018. This scheme is based on the data from stratigraphic test wells (Lemok-1, Averinskaya-150, Tyiskaya-1, Vostok-1, Vostok-3, Vostok-4, etс.). In the study area, two structure-facies zones were identified: Kas (Lemok-1, Averinskaya-150, Tyiskaya-1, Vostok-4, and Eloguiskaya-1 wells), where sedimentary complexes accumulated in a salt subbasin, and Ket’ (Vostok-1 and Vostok-3 wells) with the deposition in an open sea basin. The boundary between these structure-facies zones is drawn along the inferred N–S-trending barrier reef zone. The rubrication in this paper is compiled in accordance with the requirements of the Stratigraphic Code of Russia for explanatory notes for regional stratigraphic schemes. Local stratigraphic subdivisions (formations, strata) are described and compared with the adjacent Turukhansk–Irkutsk–Olekma facies region of the Siberian Platform.

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