—We propose a facies-stratigraphic zoning of the Vasyugan and Georgievka horizons in the sedimentary cover of the West Siberian Basin, including the southern part of the Kara Sea. Based on the typification of well sections and taking into account the paleogeography of the Callovian–Kimmeridgian deposits, we have recognized 12 regions with different structures of the Vasyugan and Georgievka horizons. The Purpei–Vasyugan area is divided into three subareas according to the structure of the Vasyugan Formation including the petroliferous horizon Yu1. Transition zones have been recognized between the Vasyugan Formation and the bordering Abalak, Tatar, and Naunak formations along the western, southern, and eastern boundaries of the area, respectively. The results of zoning of the Callovian–Kimmeridgian deposits, including the petroliferous horizon Yu1, can be used on planning of exploration work, for selecting standard facies models, and for predicting the petrophysical properties of a reservoir.

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