—We present results of analysis of the morphology and chemical composition of platinum-group minerals from chromite– platinum orebodies of zoned clinopyroxenite–dunite massifs in the Middle Urals (Nizhnii Tagil, Svetlyi Bor, Veresovyi Bor, and Kamenushenskii). Study of more than 500 grains has given an insight into the sequence of formation of platinum-group minerals in chromitites of the studied massifs. Three assemblages of platinum-group minerals have been revealed: magmatic (Os–Ir–Ru intermetallic compounds, isoferroplatinum, ferroplatinum, sulfides of the isomorphous series erlichmanite–laurite and kashinite–bowieite, and thiospinels of the series cuproiridsite–cuprorhodsite–malanite); postmagmatic (with a predominance of tulameenite, tetraferroplatinum, and ferronickelplatinum, resulted from serpentinization of dunites); and latest secondary (minerals with a predominance of PGE sulfides, arsenides, sulfoantimonides, sulfoarsenides, plumbides, and amalgams).

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