—The distribution and fractionation of rare-earth elements (REE) in the Northwestern Pacific surface sediments are studied. The REE contents in the sediments were 30–106 ppm, and the Y contents ranged from 9.34 to 24.5 ppm. The bottom sediments located near the Kuril–Kamchatka arc were depleted in REE as compared with the sediments of the abyssal plain of the Pacific, the Kuril basin of the Sea of Okhotsk, and the northwestern Bering Sea. The effect of distributive provinces and lithodynamic setting on the REE composition and REE contents in the sediments was expressed as a positive correlation of the LREE/HREE ratio with the grain composition, Rb/Sr, and Nb/Y and its negative correlation with Zr/Rb. The variations in the bulk REE composition were due to the variations in LREE contents.

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