We report data on the geology, mineralogy, petrography, and chemistry of 733 Ma gabbro-peridotite sills from the Late Riphean Dovyren plutonic complex. Thick sills were differentiated into plagiolherzolite to olivine gabbronorite compositions by fractional crystallization of the K–Na series high-Mg low-alkali low-Ti picritic parental magma. The magma already contained up to 5% of intratelluric olivine crystals when entering the reservoir. The sills emplaced before the whole complex, judging by the presence of their fragments as plagiolherzolite xenoliths in the gabbro zone of the Yoko-Dovyren layered pluton. The gabbro-peridotite sills are products of high-temperature within-plate magmatism. High heat flow during the generation of the magma, evident from its high-Mg composition, was likely maintained by the activity of a mantle plume associated with the Neoproterozoic Franklin large igneous province.

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