The results of genetic typification of oils and bitumens from oil source rocks (OSR) of the Buzuluk depression are presented. Crude oils within the study area were divided into five genetic types, which differ both in organic-matter composition and in the conditions of its accumulation. Characteristic of the potential source rock was given for each oil type. Oil-to-source rock bitumen correlation studies were performed using biomarker distribution. The studies have shown that only oils from the Upper Devonian–Middle Carboniferous deposits (oils of Types I and II) were generated by Domanik rocks. Middle Devonian oils (Types III–V) are not related to the Domanik strata. The identified relationships between oils and organic matter of different facies-genetic types of Domanikoid-Domanikite OSR can be used to refine the stratigraphic volume and geographic distribution boundaries of Domanik deposits in the study area.

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