The paper presents a synopsis of experimentally constrained phase relations in carbonate systems. Three sections of the paper consider, respectively, PT diagrams of simple carbonates (MgCO3, CaCO3, FeCO3, BaCO3, SrCO3, K2CO3, and Na2CO3); isobaric T-X diagrams of binary and ternary systems (CaCO3-MgCO3, CaCO3-FeCO3, CaCO3-FeCO3-MgCO3, BaCO3-CaCO3, SrCO3-CaCO3, BaCO3-SrCO3, CaCO3-MgCO3-BaCO3, CaCO3-MgCO3-SrCO3, BaCO3-CaCO3-SrCO3, BaCO3-MgCO3-SrCO3, Na2CO3-CaCO3, and K2CO3-CaCO3), and T-X diagrams of the systems MgCO3-FeCO3, MgCO3-CaCO3, CaCO3-FeCO3, MgCO3-FeCO3-CaCO3, K2CO3-MgCO3, Na2CO3-MgCO3, K2CO3-FeCO3, Na2CO3-FeCO3, K2CO3-CaCO3, Na2CO3-CaCO3, K2CO3-FeCO3-MgCO3, Na2CO3-FeCO3-MgCO3, K2CO3-CaCO3-MgCO3, and Na2CO3-CaCO3-MgCO3 at 6 GPa. The last section deals with temperatures of carbonate magma generation in the upper mantle and with melt compositions. In conclusion, prospects are outlined for further research of phase relations in carbonate system at high pressures and temperatures.

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