The position of lithospheric magnetic anomalies, detected in total magnetic intensity and the vertical component of the magnetic field, has been determined for Siberia using data from the CHAMP satellite. The paper describes the technique for the satellite data processing and the ways of recognition of regional lithospheric magnetic anomalies from satellite-measured values of the total geomagnetic field, which are obtained from several sources (external and internal with respect to the Earth’s surface). Maps of magnetic-field anomalies of different scales have been constructed for several regions of Siberia depending on the method of areal averaging. The possible geologic and physical nature of the magnetic anomalies and their relationship with deep-seated crustal structures are considered. Preliminary interpretation of the magnetic-field maps shows that the anomalies are connected with the present-day large geologic and geophysical elements of the basement. The features of the lithospheric magnetic field, as a parameter reflecting the present position of tectonic structures and their physical properties, can be used for their contouring in combination with other geological and geophysical methods.

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