We analyze the results of measurements of the thermal conductivity, porosity, and permeability of Mesozoic sedimentary rocks from wells drilled in the northeast of the West Siberian Plate and in the Cis-Yenisei basin. The thermal conductivity was measured by a “Thermal-conductivity comparator”, and the porosity and permeability were determined using standard techniques. A total of 135 samples of dry rocks were studied for thermal conductivity (λd). Ninety-two of them were then saturated with water, and their thermal conductivity was measured again. The average thermal conductivity of dry and water-saturated (λw) sedimentary rocks is 1.8–2.0 W/m/K and 2.4–2.8 W/m/K, respectively. Porosity (Kpor) was measured for 95 samples, and permeability (Kperm), for 44 samples. Comparison of the results of measurements revealed stable linear correlations between the thermal conductivity of dry samples and λw, Kpor, and Kperm. The established dependences are proposed for the express evaluation of the thermal (λw from λd and Kpor values) and structural (Kpor and Kperm from λd values) properties of sedimentary rocks, though the revealed correlations need further refinement.

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