A scheme is proposed for the stratigraphic division and correlation of the Cambrian sediments of the Upper Proterozoic–Paleozoic Cis-Yenisei basin. It is based on data from the drilling of parametric wells (Lemok-1, Averinskaya-150, Tyiskaya-1, Vostok-1, Vostok-3, Vostok-4, and others). Two structure-facies zones are recognized in the study area: Kas zone (Lemok-1, Averinskaya-150, Tyiskaya-1, Vostok-4, and Eloguiskaya-1 wells), in which the sedimentary complexes accumulated in a salt subbasin, and Ket’ zone (Vostok-1 and Vostok-3 wells) with open-sea-basin sedimentation. The boundary between the structure-facies zones passes along the reconstructed zone of a barrier reef stretching in the N–S direction. The Vostok-4 well is localized in the western Kas structure-facies zone, at the salt subbasin/barrier reef boundary. Local stratigraphic units (formations) are described and compared with the adjacent Turukhan–Irkut–Olekma facies region of the Siberian Platform.

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