The paper describes Lower Jurassic (horizons J16 and J15) and Achimovka (Neocomian clinoforms) reservoirs in the area of the Nyurol’ka megadepression and its framing (42,000 km2). The total thicknesses of seven Achimovka sedimentary cycles are mapped. The thermal history of the Togur and Bazhenov parental sediments in the sections of 39 deep wells is reconstructed by paleotemperature modeling. The geotemperature criterion is used to identify paleosources of oil generation, starting from the Jurassic. The distribution of the relative density of the resources of the generated Togur and Bazhenov oils is estimated and shown on sketch maps. The Lower Jurassic reservoir is divided into zones depending on the distribution of the relative density of the Togur oil resources, and the Achimovka reservoir, of the Bazhenov oil resources. The priority oil search zones are proposed.

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