A suite of mantle peridotites sampled in the Kamchatsky Mys includes spinel lherzolite, clinopyroxene-bearing harzburgite, and harzburgite. Mineral chemistry of olivine, chromian spinel, and clinopyroxene show strongly correlated element patterns typical of peridotite formed by 8% to more than 22% partial melting. Clinopyroxene in the Kamchatka peridotites is compositionally different from that of both abyssal and suprasubduction varieties: Clinopyroxene in lherzolite is depleted in LREE relative to abyssal peridotite and that in harzburgite has very low LREE and Sr unlike the subduction-related counterpart. These composition features indicate that the rocks ultra-depleted in basaltic components originated in the vicinity of a hotspot, possibly, proto-Hawaiian plume, which provided high temperature and melting degree of the MORB source mantle at mid-ocean ridge.

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