In Issue No. 10, Vol. 54, 2013 in the paper “Tectonics and geodynamics of Gorny Altai and adjacent structures of the Altai–Sayan folded area”, a confusion with the name of author Stijn Glorie inadvertently occured. It should be “S. Glorie” instead of “G. Stijn” in the list of authors. The correct list of authors is as follows: M.M. Buslov, H. Geng, A.V. Travin, D. Otgonbaatar, A.V. Kulikova, Chen Ming, S. Glorie, N.N. Semakov, E.S. Rubanova, M.A. Abildaeva, E.E. Voitishek, D.A. Trofimova

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