Integrate statistical processing of more than 1000 isotope dates tracing the history of circum-Pacific magmatic ore systems and related mineral deposits in volcanoplutonic belts allows the following inferences: (1) magmatic ore systems (MOS) of volcanic arcs generate monoand polycyclic volcanoplutonic deposits (VPD) with notably different formation times (longevities); (2) the MOS chronology bears periodicity of events in the post-Paleozoic history of the Pacific continental margin; (3) the time series of magmatic ore systems from different circum-Pacific segments show quasi-periodic patterns but the respective metallogenic epochs within the same time intervals have different phases and amplitudes, especially over the past 30 Myr; (4) each mineral type of VPD has its own periodicity; (5) the periodicity in formation times of mono- and polycyclic VPD differs from that in the times of their origin.

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