In this paper we present the results of a generalization of paleomagnetic data for the territory of the Siberian craton and its folded framing that were obtained during the last fifteen years. We propose a new version of the apparent polar wander path for the Siberian continental plate, including the interval from the Mesoproterozoic–Neoproterozoic boundary up to the end of the Mesozoic. The constructed path forms the basis for new concepts on the tectonics of the Siberian paleocontinent and the paleooceans that surrounded it. We present a series of paleotectonic reconstructions based on paleomagnetic data, which not only displays the paleogeographic position of the Siberian continent, but also reveals the features of the tectonic evolution of its margins during the last billion years. In particular it has been established that large-scale strike-slip motions played an important role in the tectonic regime of the continental plate at all stages of its development.

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