We consider the structure, composition, and age of Early Paleozoic intrusive associations of the Bumbat-Hairhan area located in the central part of the island-arc system of the Lake Zone, western Mongolia. There are large polychronous plutons (Bumbat-Hairhan and Gundguzin) and small intrusions in this area. We have established that they are composed of granitoid and gabbroid associations of different lithology, ages, and geodynamic nature. The results of U-Pb dating show that granitoid and basic magmatism took place within 551–465 Ma. Two main stages of intrusive magmatism are recognized, which reflect two stages of the geodynamic evolution of the region: island-arc (551–524 Ma) and accretion–collision (511–465 Ma). At all stages, predominant rocks in the region were diorite–tonalite–plagiogranite and plagiogranite associations of calc-alkaline series.

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