We present results of U-Pb (SHRIMP II) geochronological study of the rocks of the Mukhal alkaline massif in the Vitim alkaline province, western Transbaikalia. The available K-Ar and Rb-Sr dates for the alkaline rocks (Saizhen complex) of the Vitim province, including the Mukhal massif, vary over a broad range of values. The obtained age of crystallization of the Mukhal urtites refines the time when the regional alkaline magmatism began. The age of zircons and magmatic processes within the Barguzin area (315–275 Ma) is close to the peak of main events, which occurred between 295 and 275 Ma. These processes took place at the early stage of evolution of the Late Paleozoic rift system in Central Asia, whose activity was associated with the activity of mantle superplume.

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