Based on the experimentally measured parameters of elemental composition, average molecular masses, and PRM spectrometry data, we calculated the average structural parameters of resin and asphaltene molecules in Paleozoic crude oil of some oilfields in the Timan–Pechora petroliferous basin. The values of the structural parameters of cyclic and aliphatic fragments in the molecules of resin–asphaltene components of the crudes studied here are within the ranges established earlier for high-molecular compounds of crudes from other petroliferous basins. The average structural-group characteristics of resins in crudes from carbonate reservoirs vary over narrow ranges of values independently of the age and depth of occurrence of the reservoir. The resinous fractions of crudes from terrigenous horizons show symbatic enrichment with paraffin fragments and depletion with naphthene fragments of molecules with depth. This points to the presence of a paragenesis of petroleum hydrocarbons and heteroatomic compounds in the Earth’s interior.

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