On the basis of the integrated interpretation of seismic-prospecting, GIS, and deep-drilling data on the southern parts of the Kaimysovy arch and Nyurol’ka megadepression, structural and isopach maps of seismogeologic megacomplexes are drawn. The tectonic evolution of the area in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic is analyzed. Ruptures have been recognized and traced throughout the study area, and the main stages of formation of faults and structures of different ranks have been established.

The conclusion has been drawn that, in terms of tectonics, the petroleum potential of the area was affected the most by the Early Neocomian, when large tectonic elements (petroleum generation and accumulation zones and local uplifts (hydrocarbon traps)) formed in the Upper Jurassic beds. In the Kaimysovy petroliferous region, the structure formation was accompanied by rupturing; the ruptures broke through the Jurassic strata, thus determining the structural–tectonic position of most of the hydrocarbon pools in the area.

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