In this paper we present complex geological, petrographic and geochronological data of the study of intermediate and acid composition intrusive and volcanogenic rocks from the Porozhnaya massif of the South Yenisei Ridge. For the first time in the Yenisei Ridge Devonian and Triassic U-Pb age values (SHRIMP method) have been obtained for leucogranites—387 ± 5 Ma and alkaline trachytes—240 ± 3 Ma, which allows us to attribute them to two different complexes, despite the fact that these rocks were formed within the same Severnaya riftogenic structure. Geochronological Ar-Ar data (392–387 Ma) for micas from paragneisses and leucogranitic dikes of the Yenisei suture zone on whose extension the Severnaya riftogenic structure is located are also given in this study. These data on Devonian tectonic-magmatic events in the South Yenisei Ridge agree well with coeval events of continental rifting—the formation of intrusive and volcanogenic rocks of the Agul graben in the Prisayan region and the Minusa basin in the Altai–Sayan folded area. The forming of alkaline trachytes and alkaline syenites of the Severnaya riftogenic structure, for which an age of 240 ± 3 Ma has been established, is related to the trap magmatism of the Siberian platform.

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