The paper discusses geological, mineralogical, petrographic, and geochemical data on the Ureg Nuur volcanoplutonic association of high-Mg volcanic and subvolcanic rocks located among Vendian–Cambrian accretionary structures in the Mongolian Altay. These rocks have a high potassium alkalinity (K2O/Na2O up to 1.2), are enriched in LILE and Sr, and have negative Zr–Hf and Nb anomalies in multielement spectra; this confirms the suprasubduction type of the source of melts. The geological setting and established age (512.4 ± 6.1 Ma, 39Ar–40Ar dating of biotite phenocrysts) evidence picritic magmatism at the accretionary stage of the development of the Altay fragment of the Paleoasian ocean. This indicates a large igneous province related to a mantle plume.

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