We have studied Jurassic sections in the Predyenisei subprovince of the West Siberian petroleum basin, which were penetrated in the Vostok-1, Vostok-3, and Vostok-4 stratigraphic wells. The Urman, Togur, Ilan, Peshkovo, Tyumen’, Naunak, and Mar’yanovka Formations are described from a detailed comprehensive core analysis and log data. The depositional environment for these sediments was predominantly continental. There is evidence for short transgressions in the Ilan (Lower Toarcian) and Peshkovo (Upper Toarcian) Formations, as well as the Upper Urman (Upper Pliensbachian) and the Upper Tyumen’ (Bajocian) Subformations. In the Upper Naunak Subformation (Oxfordian), there was a change of facies from continental to littoral continental and littoral marine. The Mar’yanovka Formation developed in normal marine shallow- or moderately deep-water environments. Although good reservoirs are common throughout the Jurassic section in the southeast of West Siberia, only small, lithologically screened deposits are predicted here.

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